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Ojos del Salado – pics along the route

With gale force winds it’s been a tough expedition so far – but incredibly beautiful. The team have climbed to 4900 m and aim to summit Ojos in a week’s time.

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Ojos del Salado 2018

‘The Unlimited Child’ team are on their way to climb Ojos del Salado (6893m) – the highest active volcano in the world – located in the Atacama Desert in Chile.




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The team called it a day.  They tried to push up to Colera but the snow was too deep.  The weather window closed with heavy winds forecast so heading home but we’ll be back next year!

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Aconcagua 2018 – moving up…

The weather looks good for a Sunday morning or Monday morning summit attempt.  Holding thumbs!

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Aconcagua 2018 – Camp Nido (5500m)

Yesterday was awesome.  It didn’t start so well.  Kenny woke me up early and was battling.  He’d had no sleep, was anxious and wanted to leave immediately to go home. What a state of mind to be in when you are so remote and feel so helpless.  I’ve experienced many moments on big hills when […]

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Aconcagua 2018 – Plaza de Mulas (4250m)

Sorry about the lack of comms.  There’s been so much snowfall that there hasn’t been any cell connection and Sean hasn’t been able to charge his phone on the solar charger.  I heard from Sean this evening – they’re all fine and doing well at Base Camp (Plaza de Mulas).   The plan is to […]

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Aconcagua 2018 – Mendoza to Penitentes

At last our bags have arrived. After being delayed before leaving South Africa, it appears the entire baggage handling system of Latam airlines packed up and went South. Four bags all at once. In this remarkably connected world no-one at the airline would pick up a phone and check that the lost bags had physically […]

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Aconcagua 2018 – en route to Mendoza

Flying over Mt Aconcagua – what a sight.  So much snow on the slopes…




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Kilimanjaro – summit – Uhuru Peak (5895m)

Sorry about the late comms.  Just heard from Sean that most of the group reached the summit between 7am and 8am yesterday. Everyone is well and loving life down at the hotel.  Here are a few great pics…

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Kilimanjaro – pic

Here is a pic from Day 2…

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