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Kilimanjaro May 2010

Written By: sean on May 21, 2010 No Comment
Kili – Day 7 – Mweka to Zanzibar

 It was a long day yesterday for the crew.  After summiting, they spent a few hours in camp trying to get some sleep before the descent on tired legs to Mweka (3000m).   Sean said the weather was perfect and unusually dry.  It will be an early start this morning as they descend for approx […]

Written By: sean on May 20, 2010 3 Comments
Kili – The Summit – Uhuru Peak (5895m)

“Full house – everyone made it to the top.  9 out of 9 at 9am. Beautiful morning with lots of snow on the crater.  Zanzibar here we come!”

Written By: sean on May 19, 2010 One Comment
Kili – Barafu Hut


 “We’re in Barafu. Everyone is doing well. Breathing hard but the rest this afternoon will sort us out. We depart at midnight tonight”.

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“Summit dome towering above us. Perfect day. Pole Pole upwards”.  Received 10am (Tanzania is 1 hour ahead of SA).

Written By: sean on May 19, 2010 2 Comments
Kili – Day 5 – to Barafu Hut (4600m)

 “Beautiful sunrise this morning – view over the clouds. Mt Meru in the west.  We had a great sleep and everyone is amped for the summit push tonight!”

Text from Sean last night “Wildest sunset – clear and stable. It’s going to be a very fresh night. Stars galore. There are only 3 other tents […]

Written By: sean on May 18, 2010 One Comment
Kili – Day 4 – to Karanga camp (3960m)

 Just in: “All into Karanga camp and going strong. Having my favourite tucker – chicken and chips. Going to nap and then take a stroll higher up, after tea at 4.30 to help acclimatise. Everyone enjoyed the trek today. Flowers everywhere”.

Received from Sean mid morning: “We’re at the top of the Baranco wall (4200m). […]

Written By: sean on May 17, 2010 2 Comments
Kili – Baranco camp

Just received from Sean: Good day today.  Everyone is well and stoked about the climb. Salva chef made beef kebabs tonight – tasty!  It’s misty with the peak popping through – looks spectacular.  Lots of snow on top”.

Written By: sean on May 17, 2010 No Comment
Kili – Day 3 – to Baranco camp (3950m)

The walk today becomes steeper but very scenic, along narrow valley ridges and over rocky sections towards the Moorland zone. 

From Sean: We’re tapping up, singing wima we.  The views are unreal. Senecio flowering.  Cool climbing conditions.  The porters are flying by to set up camp.  The Umbwe route is the best. Only one other couple from […]

Written By: sean on May 16, 2010 2 Comments
Kili – Day 2 – Umbwe caves (3000m)

 The trail began on a narrow ridge crest and continued up through the dense, primary rain forest. The path followed the ridge, rose steadily with a few steep sections to the first tented camp at Umbwe caves.

From Sean:  We cruised to Umbwe caves. Munched on biltong thanks to Adonis. Dean on his 3rd chesterfield by midday and Jonathan brought […]

Written By: sean on May 15, 2010 No Comment
Kili – Day 1 (Umbwe route)

The all lads group departed this morning from Joburg at 07:45 on an almost empty 1time flight to Zanzibar.  After a short stop-over in Zanzibar, a Precision Air flight will take them via Dar es Salaam and finally to Kilimanjaro airport.  Sms received from Sean said the flight was delayed in Dar es Salaam for 3 hours which means they’ll […]

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