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Kilimanjaro Sept 2011

Written By: sean on September 16, 2011 6 Comments
Kili – Day 7 – to Zanzibar

After a very early start, the group will descend through the rainforest to Mweka park gate (2 to 3hrs).  Then after a farewell ceremony from the invaluable local guides and porters, the group will be transferred to the airport to catch their flight to the Zanzibar.  This afternoon, it’s costumes and cocktails on the wonderful beaches of […]

Written By: sean on September 15, 2011 24 Comments
Kili –  the summit (5895m)

Just heard from Sean – they made it!  It was a very tough, long night – cold and dry but they got to Uhuru Peak – the highest point in Africa at 8.45am – and are now on their way back to Barafu.  At Barafu, they’ll have a short rest before lunch and […]

Written By: sean on September 14, 2011 4 Comments
Kili – resting

From Sean: Everyone is well and fed, and amped to go.  We’re looking forward to a good summit night and a good scrub when we’re off the mountain. Off to snooze now.

View from Barafu

Written By: sean on September 14, 2011 No Comment
Kili – at Barafu hut

From Sean: We’ve arrived at Barufu. It’s hot, dusty and very dry. Kilimanjaro’s other peak – Mawenzi is being shy behind the cloud. Exceptional weather for tonight. Pumpkin soup for lunch and then a good, long rest.

Written By: sean on September 14, 2011 No Comment
Kili – on our way

From Sean: “We’re on our way to Barafu in perfect weather – it’s very dry and clear.  Everyone is strong and well.  The summit dome is towering above us but the glaciers are looking sad and are diminishing rapidly”.

Pic courtesy Quan Payne

Written By: sean on September 14, 2011 6 Comments
Kili – Day 5 – to Barafu hut (4600m)

After a hearty breakfast, the group will take a slow trek through the wild alpine desert to Barafu hut.  At Barafu, they’ll have an afternoon rest and then eat and drink well in preparation for tonight’s departure at about 11pm for the summit.

Written By: sean on September 13, 2011 8 Comments
Kili – at Karanga camp

Sean phoned to say that they’ve arrived at Karanga camp.  The group have settled in well.  Everyone is resting before dinner and possibly more sherry.  There are a few clouds in the sky but nothing serious.

Written By: sean on September 13, 2011 3 Comments
Kili Cruising

“We’re at the top of Baranco wall and cruising. We had a tot of sherry last night so everyone is flying up the mountain! Erica didn’t eat her porridge this morning so she’s huffing and puffing. It’s nice and warm with great views”.

Written By: sean on September 13, 2011 6 Comments
Kili – Day 4 – to Karanga camp (3930m)

 ‘It’s a lovely clear morning.  We couldn’t climb this ‘hill’ without the Tanzanians- they served us bed tea at 6.30am. What a great start’.

Today’s climb involves ascending the great Baranco wall (which isn’t as bad as it looks). Thereafter the trail descends to Karanga valley and over gently sloped hills up to […]

Written By: sean on September 12, 2011 13 Comments
First view of Kili

From Sean: We’ve just had our first view of the mountain – it looks magnificent.  We’ve had lunch and are heading up.  The weather is clear and hot.

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