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South Pole 2012

Written By: sean on January 22, 2012 One Comment
South Pole –  The Unlimited Child SP expedition has arrived

The team arrived at the South Pole at 12.30am our time (Sunday) – but officially at 19.30pm their time on Saturday 21 January.

From Sean: Zack and I set a world record today. We leopard crawled 500m to the South Pole after a 22km ski. Why not?  Most importantly we made it to the most Southern point on […]

Written By: sean on January 21, 2012 One Comment
South Pole – nearly there

Despatch from Sean –  20 January 2012

Great day today – 22km in 9 hrs…cooking. We are just 20 km away from the South Pole now..what a pleasure. Caught a glimpse of the telescope on the way into our final camp. If the weather holds we should be there tomorrow.  Everyone is obviously super […]

Written By: sean on January 18, 2012 No Comment
South Pole – Captain Scott

17 January 2012 – Exactly 100 years ago Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his team arrived at the most Southern point on Earth, the South Pole, in their wool jerseys, leather boots, cotton under garments and waxed wind suits. Sitting ensconced in my down suit and nylon tent right now and […]

Written By: sean on January 17, 2012 No Comment
South Pole – Antarctica has spoken

The Unlimited Child South Pole Expedition – Day 8

Despatch from Sean:

16 January 2012 – Antarctica has spoken. It’s 26 degrees below freezing. The terrain is spectacular, the team is fantastic but it’s brutally cold.

We are tucked inside the fabric of our two man tent, our lives preserved from the Polar breeze only […]

Written By: sean on January 17, 2012 No Comment
South Pole – middle of nowhere

Yesterday, the team started their first day of sled hauling.  Message from Sean last night was that they had done 14km in 7 hours and it was 26 degrees below.  They’ll take time to adjust to the altitude and the sleds and so it will be slow going at first.  The altitude […]

Written By: sean on January 15, 2012 No Comment
South Pole – Union Glacier

Heard from Sean last night – all are in fine spirits.  They had just returned from a mini expedition around Union Glacier, which gave them an opportunity to acclimatise to the Antarctic conditions, practice sled hauling, fine tune the clothing and camping systems before leaving for the South Pole.  The weather had been […]

Written By: sean on January 12, 2012 One Comment
South Pole – off to Antarctica

Great relief –  the bags have been found!  Message from Sean yesterday is that they were about to fly to the Antarctic continent.  They will fly in a Russian jet powered Ilyushion-76 aircraft over Tierra del Fuego and out across Drakes Passage towards the frozen lands of Antarctica.  It’s a six hour flight […]

Written By: sean on January 12, 2012 2 Comments
South Pole – briefing

Despatch received yesterday from the Unlimited Child team:

‘Hi everyone

Today (Wednesday) we had our briefing about flying into Antarctica and what we should expect at Union Glacier, how we should behave in Antarctica in order to be safe and how to prevent frostbite. This was presented by American Chris Nance who has done six seasons in Antarctica including […]

Written By: sean on January 10, 2012 No Comment
South Pole – bags

Latest news is that the team’s bags with all their Antarctic gear, haven’t arrived in Punta Arenas.  Eysh!

The team at the airport (pic courtesy of The Unlimited)

Written By: sean on January 10, 2012 2 Comments
South Pole – arrival in Punta Arenas

The team departed from Durban early yesterday morning and after nearly 30 hours of travelling, arrived in Punta Arenas (which is at the southern tip of Chile) at 5am this morning. The next two days will be spent going through equipment and safety checks, being briefed on the expedition ahead including: flight arrangements, the current […]

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