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Mt Everest Advanced Base Camp

Written By: sean on May 4, 2013 No Comment
Mt Everest – Advanced Base Camp

The team are in great spirits having reached Advanced Base Camp yesterday (6340m). This is the closest a non-climber can get to the top of Everest – only 2300m from the summit.   Report from Sean is that the glaciers are diminishing since he was last at ABC in 1996.  It was a 7 hour, icy round […]

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Mt Everest swim – Sean Wisedale takes a dip

I took a dip in a glacial lake on the Rongbuk glacier above Base Camp (5200m). The water temperature was 1°C and the air temp was 4°C. In the background is the peak of Mt Everest.


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Mt Everest Advanced Base Camp with Sean Wisedale

News from Sean is everyone is well.  Today they will trek to camp 2 (5970m)  for approx 3 hrs and meet up with the Changste glacier.  Along the trail to Camp 2 are huge seracs rising above the surface of the glacier.

Mt Everest in the background



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ABC – on the way to Rongbuk (5000m)

Today’s drive to Rongbuk will turn off the Friendship Highway over Pang la pass (5150m).  If the weather is good, they’ll get to see the spectacular sight of Mt Everest appearing.

Mt Everest



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ABC – Shegar

We’re on the last section of the long road to Chomolungma (Mt Everest – Mother Goddess of the universe in Tibetan). We were thrilled to catch sight of her from a hundred kilometres away this morning. The weather spared us ten minutes of perfect visibility. To see the Northern side of Everest is something special. The […]

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ABC – Shigatse

From Sean yesterday – we hit the road to Shigatse (3900m) today  – the second largest city in Tibet. We’re about 450km from Everest. Going well.

A holy lake



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ABC – Gyantse

Received from Sean yesterday ‘Today we crossed the Khamba La pass (4794m) and Kora La (4960m). That Tibet is the most photogenic landscape on earth is no bull, or for that matter yak dust. Every scene is magnificent – a photographers Shangri La. Such a great day today’.


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ABC – Lhasa

Today was awesome. We climbed up a neighbouring hill to 4000m. The views were spectacular. Everyone is well. Such a privilege to be here.









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ABC – Lhasa

Tibet – all good here in Lhasa, frosty and dry but amazingly interesting. We visited the Potala Palace today – the home of the Dalai Lama. It was built in 700AD and is an overwhelmingly spiritual centre. We’re at 3600m above sea level so the thin air is noticeable. It was a huff and a puff climbing up and […]

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Mt Everest Advanced Base Camp (Northern side)

Received from Sean yesterday ‘Team Tibet in Kathmandu…got the permit and visas today which is a massive relief. Flying into Lhasa tomorrow (Saturday). Too much excitement. Will introduce the team once we get there…’

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