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Kilimanjaro May 2014

Written By: sean on May 15, 2014 5 Comments
Kilimanjaro – summit Uhuru Peak – 5895m

We  all summited at 8.15 am. Full team to the top!  It was a windy, rough, hard night. The Buchans and Deane families make history.









Written By: sean on May 14, 2014 2 Comments

Sean’s just called to say they’ve all arrived at the high camp – Barafu Hut (4600m).  Everyone is well and feeling strong.  The weather is looking good for the summit push tonight.

Written By: sean on May 14, 2014 2 Comments
Kilimanjaro – day 5

After a delicious breakfast of oats and pancakes under a clear summit dome, the team will now be on their way through the wild alpine desert to Barafu hut (4600m).  Leaving camp, the path immediately begins to rise and does so most of the way to Barafu. The landscape becomes barren and desolate.  Once in […]

Written By: sean on May 13, 2014 No Comment

From Sean this evening ‘We’re in our lofted down sleeping bags – toasty and calm and protected from the windy chill outside by the walls of our tents.  If feels like there is no better place to be.  The full moon is illuminating the icy summit dome.  The sky is immaculately clear. Every detail of […]

Written By: sean on May 13, 2014 One Comment
Kilimanjaro – Karanga camp

Message from Sean ‘We’re all in Karanga camp.  It’s turned into a beautiful day – lotsa flowers everywhere. Everyone is in great shape.  Iain, Rita and Rob are in top form.  We are the only team in the camp.  Awesome’.

Written By: sean on May 13, 2014 No Comment
Mt Kilimanjaro – day 4

After spending a night under the Great Barranco Wall, they’ll make their way up this challenging looking obstacle, which usually turns out easier than anticipated.  They’ll top out just below the Heim Glacier and if the weather is clear, they’ll appreciate just how beautiful Kilimanjaro really is.  The route then heads down through the Karanga […]

Written By: sean on May 13, 2014 No Comment

Message from Sean this am ‘It was Cath’s birthday yesterday. We celebrated last night with candles, cake and warm Irish whiskey.  Everyone was in bed by 8.30pm.  This morning we woke up to an awesome view of the summit dome.  Everyone is ready to climb the Barranco wall’.

Written By: sean on May 12, 2014 One Comment

Message received from Sean this evening ‘It’s been a great day.  We got completely drenched and frozen to the bone but we’re in our toasty sleeping bags now and relishing the warmth after a hard day. We had chicken and veg for dinner.’

Written By: sean on May 12, 2014 No Comment
Kilimanjaro – day 3

Shortly after leaving the camp, the forest starts thinning and is replaced by rockier terrain, sparser undergrowth and scraggly, moss-covered trees. The path continues along a narrow ridge and as they gain higher altitude, they’ll catch glimpses of Kili. The path then flattens as they approach Barranco Valley. From the Umbwe ridge, the route descends […]

Written By: sean on May 11, 2014 One Comment

Message from Sean late this afternoon – ‘We’ve had a brilliant day with a smidgeon of rain in the forest.  Lots of laughs.  Rita and the gals are keen botanists and so we’ve had  fun checking out all the vegetation under the canopy…’

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