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Aconcagua 2010

Written By: sean on January 19, 2010 2 Comments
Ac – 2010 summary and round up

So chuffed to be back home to a good bath, a porcelain loo and my gals Katherine, Gonda and Kibo. I can only feel very loved as right now my face is as attractive as the underside of my feet! As a result of the freeze burn!

I flew back with Jim Wardlaw yesterday, an epic 29 hour flight. And it was great to have his company. It was rough to […]

Written By: sean on January 17, 2010 One Comment
Ac – Home

After a good push down to Puente del Inca, the rest of the crew arrived back safely in Mendoza last night at about 6ish. They relished a  full course dinner of steaks and more steaks and then everyone crashed. They were ‘quished’ said Sean.   Sean and Jim are on their way home tonight with the rest of the […]

Written By: sean on January 16, 2010 12 Comments

E-mail received from Sean at Base Camp:  We got up to Nido in 6 hours on the 12th after a heavy night of wind at BC… At BC many tents were lost during the night and I was  fearful of arbitrary flying missiles (solar panels, barrels etc.) that could be heard crashing around us. Many […]

Written By: sean on January 15, 2010 One Comment
Ac – No news yet

There are no comms once the crew leaves Plaza de Mulas so no news yet.  If all goes according to plan the remaining 5 will be spending the night at Nido (or at BC) tonight and then will charge down to Puente del Inca tomorrow to hopefully be in Mendoza late tomorrow night (Saturday).  As they go lower in […]

Written By: sean on January 14, 2010 3 Comments
Ac – Summit attempt

The Grand Traverse

Received news last night from our logistics crew that 2 members of the team are on their way down. This means that there will be 5 climbers inching their way up to the summit (6959m) today unless someone has decided to remain at Berlin. 

This morning’s route will cross the Grand Travers and up to a […]

Written By: sean on January 13, 2010 4 Comments
Ac – Up to Berlin

Up to Berlin

The team will be trudging up to Berlin today (5900m).  Weather looks clear but temperatures well below freezing.  Max -14°C,  Min -16°C, with windchill -22°C.  Wind will be generally light.  They would have carried up as few tents as possible to keep the load light which means squashing up for the night and making it thankfully, quite […]

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Written By: sean on January 12, 2010 2 Comments
Ac – Nido overnight


The crew left Base Camp at about 7am this morning and are on their way to Nido where they will spend the night before the climb to Camp Berlin tomorrow. Sean said that they’re going to take it easy to Nido because of what’s ahead.  They are already acclimatised to 5200 meters, so today’s trek […]

Written By: sean on January 11, 2010 9 Comments
Ac – Summit attempt on the 14th

View from BC of summit approach

From Sean ‘Conditions look great on 14th for a summit….we will need to leave  Camp Berlin very early on Thursday morning – 2am – because heavy snowfall is expected in the afternoon.  I hope it’s not a lightning storm like last year.  We may have to bomb back down […]

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Written By: sean on January 10, 2010 6 Comments
Ac – Everyone to Nido

Group pic of the most gorgeous faces on the hill

News from Sean ‘Everyone made it to Nido yesterday! What a big day and every member of the team put in an incredible effort.  It was a 12 hour round trip – we departed Plaza de Mulas at 06:30am, left 3 tents and food at Nido, and returned to BC at […]

Written By: sean on January 9, 2010 3 Comments
Ac – Nido

Early morning…

The team would have departed at approximately 5.30am this morning to drop their loads at Camp Nido (5200m) and will be getting back to Plaza de Mulas late this evening.

Aconcagua weather summary at 5894m: “Mostly dry. Temperatures will be well below freezing (max -8°C on Sun morning, min -16°C on Fri night). Winds increasing (moderate winds from […]

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