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November 2010

Written By: sean on November 30, 2010 One Comment
South Pole – Day 8

Sean’s just called to say the engine has been repaired and they will be departing for 89 degrees south in an hours time.  It’s extremely cold.  It’s minus 15 degrees Celsius at Union Glacier without wind and he’s already feeling the chill biting into him. At the South Pole it’s minus 40 degrees Celsius!  His ski […]

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South Pole – Day 7

The crew wasn’t able to fly to 89 degrees south today – the one engine on the twin otter aircraft that was supposed to fly them to their destination needed repair.  So they’re still at Union Glacier and hope to fly tomorrow.  They’ve just been ‘eating and eating today’ says Sean.  Sean ended the call from the satellite phone […]

Written By: sean on November 28, 2010 No Comment

Latest from Sean is that they’ve just completed another briefing on issues such as how to survive in the Antarctic,  how to regulate body temperature, what to wear, ski techniques,  how to protect their shelters from damage and safety procedures for dealing with emergency situations etc.  It’s all pretty serious stuff.  Sean said they will take […]

Written By: sean on November 28, 2010 One Comment
South Pole – Day 6

The team have landed in Antarctica.  Sean sounded ecstatic – describing the scene in front of him as mindblowlingly beautiful. It’s 24-hrs of continuous daylight so as they stepped off the plane at about 1.30am, they would’ve immediately been faced with stunning scenery of snow, ice  and mountains.  

Sean was seated right in the front of the plane so could see […]

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South Pole – Day 5

‘Just chomped the chunkiest burger on earth.  We’ve got the nod to depart Frostiville.  Next time we chat, it’ll be from the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’.  PS Great that the boks won! ‘

Fasten your seat belts please (pic courtesy of www.zahidexpedition.com)

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South Pole – Day 4

Email from Sean ‘We’ve been given the nod to have our bags readied and will be collected this afternoon by ALE (Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions). Tomorrow we are on standby for a potential fly in.

The briefing was packed with loads of interesting points that we need to observe such as bio sensitive issues like not […]

Written By: sean on November 26, 2010 2 Comments
South Pole – Day 4

Email received from Sean yesterday:

‘It’s all going exceptionally well here in the Southern tip of Chile. 

Yesterday was the hardest blow of wind I’ve experienced since I was last here. It freakin howled but it seems lady luck may be on our side as far as the timing of flying into the continent is concerned.  The […]

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South Pole – Day 3

Today there will be a team briefing and gear check.  The crew will also be able to familiarise themselves around Punta Arenas.

Pics courtesy of Zahid South Pole Expedition.  For more pics log onto www.zahidexpedition.com

View of the Andes on the way to Punta Arenas

Getting the shots

Written By: sean on November 24, 2010 2 Comments

Sms just received ‘We are in Punta Arenas – it’s very windy.  We are waiting for the others to arrive.  The weather is marginal for the passage to Antarctica’. 

The plan is to depart Punta Arenas on Saturday and fly for 4 hrs over the continent to Union Glacier.  The crew will no doubt want to depart windy Punta Arenas as […]

Written By: sean on November 23, 2010 No Comment

Sean departed early this morning for his JHB flight to Sao Paulo, then onto Santiago and finally to Punta Arenas – a port town on the edge of the Magellan Straits in southern Chile.  On Wednesday Sean will meet all the others on the team as they fly in from various parts of the world.

More […]

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