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December 2010

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The team arrived in Punta Arenas late last night and they are all on their way home.  Sean and Duncan land on Thursday afternoon – and will no doubt relish the warmth of Durbs!

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Sean’s just called to say they’re on standby to fly tonight at 11pm.

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South Pole – Day 20-21

The crew are still stuck at Union Glacier.  The latest weather report indicates that the weather will improve and so everyone is hoping that tomorrow will be the day the Russion Ilyushin flies in and takes them back to Punta Arenas. 

Feasting at Union Glacier (www.zahidexpedition.com)

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Latest from Sean is they were lucky to get a plane to pick them up from the South Pole before the bad weather moved in and are now enjoying the relative ‘luxury’ of the Union Glacier campsite where it is a balmy minus 8 degrees Celsius.  The enjoyed a wonderful celebratory dinner and a great sleep last night. The […]

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South Pole – Day 18 – They’ve arrived

They’ve arrived at the South Pole!  Everyone is in great spirits and we are super stoked said Sean.  ‘It’s brilliant to be here’.

Yesterday was an epic of a day as they battled the wind for over 9 hours.  ‘It was war’. But the intrepid team pushed on and eventually arrived at their final destination.  They […]

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South Pole – Day 17

It was a great day yesterday – they skied 20 kms and are now 21 kms away from reaching the South Pole. Yesterday was sunny and intensely cold because of a 15 knot cross wind but they soldiered on knowing their destination is so close now.  Sean’s just called to say that the conditions are […]

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South Pole – Day 16

Good news – the crew are about to depart for the next leg – their target is 20kms today.  The sun is shining and although the wind is blowing – it’s only blowing about 10knots.  They’ve eaten, rested and played cards for the past 2 days and are now amped to get going.

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South Pole – Day 15

 The group hasn’t been able to move since yesterday – winds are blowing 15 to 18 knots and it’s a complete whiteout.  Conditions are terrible.  They’ve had to hunker down in their tents for over 36 hours.  It’s pretty miserable said Sean.  The weather forecast doesn’t look great either with the bad weather set to continue for another 24 […]

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South Pole – Day 14

The wind was howling last night so Sean only got to sleep at about 2.30am. It was also overcast yesterday which meant the temperature dropped to minus 50 degrees Celcius.  It’s all fun and games said Sean!  They managed 20km in 8 hours yesterday and have another 40km to go.  If all goes well today and […]

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South Pole – Day 13

The group skied 20kms in 9 hours yesterday which was a moral booster for the team said Sean.  It was a great workout and a good team effort.  Everyone is in good shape with just a few blisters here and there.  They’ve got their systems worked out now.  This means, for example, knowing how to prevent their masks […]

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