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May 2011

Written By: sean on May 6, 2011 2 Comments
Kili – Day 7 – Zanzibar

Sean, Scott, Nikki, Remo and Ian are on their way to the airport to fly from Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar where they’ll be staying at a  5 star resort – a far cry from camping on the slopes of Kili. Scott is no doubt looking forward to his brussel sprout smoothie – a ‘reward’ for summiting.  They will return […]

Written By: sean on May 5, 2011 No Comment
Kili – Day 6 – Mweka camp

Message from Sean: We are 2 hours from Mweka camp and we’re loving the thick air.  It snowed heavily just as we left Barafu.  The weather has been on Q!

Pathway to Mweka

Written By: sean on May 5, 2011 No Comment
Kili – Day 6

After spending as long as possible on the summit before the biting cold forces them down, the group will descend to Barafu camp, have a short sleep, reluctantly wake up for lunch and then carry on descending to Mweka camp.  They’ll feel like supermen and women with the extra oxygen in the air and fly down to […]

Written By: sean on May 5, 2011 10 Comments
Kili – Day 6 – Uhuru Peak (5895m)

Everyone reached the summit at 8am this morning. 9 out of 9! Ian played Johnny Cleg through speakers and we all had a breathless boogie on the top.

Uhuru Peak in the distance

Written By: sean on May 4, 2011 5 Comments
Kili – Barafu camp

From Sean: Everyone has reached the high camp and is strong and well.  We’re the only crew here – brilliant.  We leave at 11pm tonight. The summit dome looks icy – hope there’s no wind.  Leek soup for lunch and then a good nap.

Barafu camp

Written By: sean on May 4, 2011 6 Comments
Kili – Day 5 – Barafu camp

From Sean: Cold night and woke to a magnificent day. Floating on a bed of cloud below us – from our feet to the southern horizon. Everyone in top spirits.

Barafu camp is at 4600m.

The slow walk up to Barafu

Written By: sean on May 3, 2011 4 Comments
Kili – Day 4 – Karanga camp

From Sean: We’re all in Karanga camp (4100m).  Everyone is in top form and the weather is magnificent.

Tomorrow the group will take a slow walk up through wild alpine desert to the last camp – Barafu hut (4600m). It’ll take 3-4 hours. At Barafu, they’ll have a good rest, eat and drink well, sleep as much […]

Written By: sean on May 3, 2011 2 Comments
Kili – Day 4

From Sean this am: We’re on the Barranco Wall all alone.  Blue skies with Mt Meru on the horizon – head popping through the clouds.  Everyone is cruising.  Ashleigh is stoked to be out of the London doom and gloom and on the roof of Africa!

Climbing the Barranco Wall

Written By: sean on May 2, 2011 One Comment
Kili – Day 3 – Barranco camp

Today’s hike was one of the more challenging ones as it began by climbing out of the forest and onto rockier terrain with sparser undergrowth and scraggly, moss covered trees. Their trek continued along a narrow ridge and then flattened out as they approached the Barranco Valley and descended to the Barranco camp (3950m).  It would have taken them 6-7 hours.

Message received […]

Written By: sean on May 1, 2011 3 Comments

Just received from Sean: Everyone is in.  It’s been a great day – there’s been no rain, it’s only now tapping gently on the tents.  We had chicken & chips for lunch (my favourite) and fish and pasta for dinner.  It’s fresh outside.  We’re snuggled up in our sleeping bags – great sleep ahead.

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