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June 2011

Written By: sean on June 23, 2011 No Comment
Rwenzoris – Day 10 Kasese to Entebbe

Sean phoned late last night to say yesterday was a magical day.  It had rained so hard (Sean called it ‘hard core rain’) from 11pm the previous night to 5.30am that morning that the rivers had swollen and were overflowing.  At one stage the crew thought that they may not make it home as the […]

Written By: sean on June 22, 2011 2 Comments
Rwenzoris – Day 9 Guy Yeoman Hut to Nyabitaba (2651m) to Nyakalenjiga (1615m)

Today, the group will descend to Nyabitaba which takes around five hours.  There is an option to overnight at Nyabitaba but our crew is pushing through all the way down to Nyakalenjiga.  Below Guy Yeoman, the route descends the cliffs of Kichuchu.  Beyond Kichuchu, the path crosses the Mubuku River twice before climbing upwards to Nyabitaba to complete the circuit. The descent […]

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Rwenzoris – Guy Yeoman Hut

From Sean last night: We’re at Guy Yeoman hut, resting before tomorrow’s long nine hour trek back to the park gate.  We’re feeling great descending into lower altitude where there’s more oxygen in the air.  We’re  happy to be coming off the mountain and going home but there’s also a bit of sadness about leaving […]

Written By: sean on June 21, 2011 One Comment
Rwenzoris – Day 8 Kitandara Hut to Guy Yeoman Hut (3505m)

From Kitandara, the trail ascends up the headwall, spreading out from the base of Mt Baker and continuing along the south side of the mountain to Freshfield Pass. Freshfield is long flat traverse through tracts of colourful moss, beyond which the long descent to Nyakalengija begins.  The hike to Guy Yeoman hut […]

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Rwenzoris – Kitandara Hut (4023m)

From Sean: “Yesterday we had an epic sixteen hour round trip from the time we left Elena Hut to the summit and back down to Kitandara Hut.  We moved through a number of technical sections to get to the summit – navigating the glacier and crossing crevasses which made it quite treacherous.  […]

Written By: sean on June 20, 2011 7 Comments
Rwenzoris – The summit – Margherita Peak

Sean’s just called to say they’re all on the summit! (10:30am Uganda time). Everyone is super stoked – it was a tough but brilliant climb with great weather.  There were bits of cloud but the sun poked through.  He said he can see why the Rwenzoris are called Mountains of the Moon – […]

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Rwenzoris – Day 7 Elena Hut to Margherita Peak (5109m)

The trail continues today to the base of the Stanley glacier. To reach the summit of Margherita, the climb takes about 5-7 hours, depending on the weather conditions. After climbing onto the glaciers and crossing the Stanley Plateau, and if all goes well, the team will proceed up to the summit of […]

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Rwenzoris – Elena Hut

News from Sean is that by about 4pm Uganda time, the group had arrived at Elena Hut.  They had snuggled down into their sleeping bags and were relaxing before tomorrow’s early start for Margherita Peak at 4am.  The day was misty and so they didn’t have a chance to see much but every […]

Written By: sean on June 19, 2011 4 Comments
Rwenzoris – Day 6 Bujuku to Elena Hut (4430m)

From Bujuku hut, the trail climbs through a forest of giant groundsels, up a short metal ladder to ascend the Groundsel Gully as it ascends to Scott-Elliot pass.  Above the gully, a branch in the trail towards the right climbs directly to Elena Hut (4430m) and Mt Stanley, while the trail on […]

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Rwenzoris – Bujuku

Received from Sean last night: “Today we went through the Upper and Lower Bigo Bog and they way you get through a bog is by ‘tussocking’.  Tussocking basically means jumping from one tuft of grass to the next. And the rule of getting through a bog is that if you miss a […]

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