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February 2013

Written By: sean on February 18, 2013 One Comment

The group is safely back in Mendoza. With absolutely no chance of a weather window within the next week or so there’s no reason to stay on at Base Camp.  The plan is to tour the area,  enjoy the local food and wine and relax until they depart for SA on Thursday…

Written By: sean on February 14, 2013 17 Comments
Mt Aconcagua – day 14

Sean’s just called to say they are going down.  They have spent 4 days at Nido and the weather hasn’t improved.  There is a giant lenticular cloud above them (created by strong winds) and he said it’s not safe to continue ascending.  So they are now all descending back down to Base Camp and will be […]

Written By: sean on February 13, 2013 13 Comments
Mt Aconcagua – day 12 & 13

Sean called last night to say they are at Camp Nido (5500m) and everyone is doing well.  The winds are very strong though.  They are now considering a summit attempt on Friday morning…

Written By: sean on February 11, 2013 18 Comments
Mt Aconcagua – day 11

Message from Sean  – ‘We are heading up.  Had an immense snow fall last night.  We met friends who have just descended from Camp Colera – they didn’t manage to summit because of the hectic weather.  Hoping we manage to summit on Thursday…’

Written By: sean on February 10, 2013 11 Comments
Mt Aconcagua – day 10

The group climbed to Camp Nido today at 5500m and have returned to Base Camp – an 8.5 hr round trip.  Sean said that everyone is strong and looking good for the summit attempt this week.

They will spend tomorrow resting at BC and the plan is then to depart for Nido, spend two nights […]

Written By: sean on February 9, 2013 4 Comments
Mt Aconcagua – day 9

Message from Molly ‘Here’s a pic of us in the snow at Plaza on our rest day (yesterday).  It was snow, then sun, then snow, so the jackets were on and off all day. We just ate, hydrated, slept and did that all over again’.

From left to right in the photo – […]

Written By: sean on February 8, 2013 One Comment
Mt Aconcagua – day 8

Here’s a link to see where Mt Aconcagu is in the world!

Map: http://home.globalalerting.com/map.aspx?9ba875656b6a666e6c716a716e6e6e6e6e6e6e6fb6656f6866686d6f6f695e9c758b99ac6c8a9da6ac588c8b6a6f68696c685eac755ea575

Plaza de Mulas (base camp)


Written By: sean on February 8, 2013 9 Comments
Mt Aconcagua – day 7 and 8

Message from Molly –  ‘Here are some photos of the sunset from Plaza de Mulas last night. It was spectacular. Today (Thursday) we pushed to about 5250m, it was good. Please mention on the blog that we really appreciate everyone’s comments and support. We are following it too and save the pages to […]

Written By: sean on February 6, 2013 6 Comments
Mt Aconcagua – day 6

Today was a rest day at base camp (Plaza de Mulas).  Message from Sean ‘we are all amping up for a push up to Canada tomorrow’.

Canada is at 4900m.  After spending a bit of time at Canada getting used to the thin air, they will return to Plaza de Mulas tomorrow afternoon.

Team […]

Written By: sean on February 5, 2013 6 Comments
Mt Aconcagua – day 5

Sean said that they had a great day yesterday trekking to Plaza Francia.  They saw an avalanche just after they arrived – it was a pretty terrifying but awesome sight.

They are now on their way to Plaza de Mulas (base camp) at 4260m where they will be able to enjoy luxuries such as hot showers, […]

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