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June 2014

Written By: sean on June 7, 2014 No Comment
Denali – Talkeetna

The group have just arrived safe and sound in Talkeetna – after a 14 hour descent. They were off to go and have their first proper meal – pizza.

Written By: sean on June 5, 2014 12 Comments
Denali – Summit – 20,320ft (6,194m)

They summited on Wednesday evening!  Sean phoned from the Denali pass 9am (our time) to say they were on their way down from the summit. They are absolutely exhausted and will crash at the High Camp for a while before heading down.

It’s an incredible achievement considering only 4 out of 10 climbers attempting Denali make […]

Written By: sean on June 4, 2014 2 Comments
Denali – leaving High Camp

Just in from Molly – the weather window has come forward 2 days so they are making a summit bid today – a 9 hour climb to the summit. They have been boiling water for hours due to the boiling point difference and the temperature.  She says it’s a beautiful day and they are ready […]

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They’ve arrived at the High Camp and last camp before the summit attempt.  It’s been epic battle said Sean. Their 2 stoves packed in which could have been a disaster but they’ve managed to get them working again.

The stretch to th High Camp is the most scenic part of the route. The terrain was quite […]

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Denali – to the High Camp

Monday was a big day for Team Zulu/Maxidor. They were able to finally leave their sleds and put on backpacks filled with supplies for the summit bid and then climbed the headwall to approximately 16,700ft (5090m).  The headwall is a 800ft, 40-degree ice slope fixed with two ropes (one up, one down).  They cached gear […]

Written By: sean on June 3, 2014 2 Comments
Denali – return to Camp 4

Brief message from Sean to say that they’re all fine and back in camp after an 11 hour acclimatisation trip.

14000ft camp viewed from the headwall



Written By: sean on June 2, 2014 2 Comments

From Sean – everyone is well and has recovered from yesterday.  They will hopefully be doing an acclimatisation climb to 17,000 ft (5185m) today which means getting up the massive headwall  that leads to the High Camp at 17060.  Once they reach the High Camp, they will spend a bit of time there getting use […]

Written By: sean on June 1, 2014 One Comment
Denali – 14,000 ft

Sean’s called to say they’ve just arrived at 14,000ft (4200m).  It’s been an 8 hr trip and they are hammered.  They are now in Camp Four (Basin Camp) and it’s the first time in 6 days that they’ve seen blue sky.

They exchanged their snow shoes for crampons and climbed up the steep Motorcycle Hill, around […]

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