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April 2015

Written By: sean on April 28, 2015 17 Comments
Sean Wisedale – Mt Everest Expedition 2015 – BC avalanche – Plans not certain

Historically we know that after great earthquakes things tend to settle down even after the aftershocks and this is what we are relying on right now.  We are quite uncertain about our future because decisions can’t be made immediately.

Climbing is an analogy for life.  We constantly face adversity.  Overcoming challenges and celebrating success gives us […]

Written By: sean on April 27, 2015 18 Comments

Noisy, powerful helicopters flying over my tent was what I woke up to this morning.  I popped a few punches into the fly sheet knocking the ice and snow off.  Had the earth been shaking during my sleep?  Outside it was frosty and clear.  They were busy evacuating climbers from above the impassable ice fall.

I […]

Written By: sean on April 26, 2015 18 Comments

Where to now? After yesterdays horrific shake up and horrific avalanche we are on highly tenterhooks. This afternoon the team had a discussion about our options.  Shortly afterwards we again felt the earth shake.  We all ran into the centre of the camp rotating in all directions to try and see from where the rocks […]

Written By: sean on April 26, 2015 19 Comments

Yesterday at 12.15pm the shockwaves of a heavy earthquake hit Mt Everest Base Camp.  Mountains and glaciers shook all around us.  It was terrifying.  From the neighbouring mountain Pumori an avalanche was triggered.  A massive ice slab sheared and thundered into Base Camp.  It lifted rocks and boulders ahead of it, slamming into hundreds of […]

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Sean Wisedale – Mt Everest 2015 – who the heck had the nerve to climb Everest before us?








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Sean Wisedale – Mt Everest 2015 – The Team








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