Freeze Frame

Sean's first book is published by Venture and is a bestseller.

'Freeze Frame' is the personal story of Sean's life and times as an adventure cameraman to the most hostile and photogenic wildernesses on Earth.

Linked to the book is the first ever 'Seven Summits' series of eight one-hour documentaries - all on a single volume of four DVD'


Some Reviews

" Firstly I must just say WOW, what a book, what a story, what awesome photography and of course what an awesome achievement. I picked up a copy of your book while on my way to Zambia recently (sadly not for some wild mosquito ridden adventure) and haven't put it down since. The pictures and the realism of how you tell your story is brilliant, every time I open it, I'm transported there and can almost feel the cold! "
Graham de Wavrin

" Henry from Cape Town here. Just finished your book and must say I was hooked. "
Henry Jonker

" Please can you tell me where and when your DVD collection will be available, after having read your book, it is absolutely neccessary that I have you DVD's as well. "
Brett Dicks

" We have thoroughly enjoyed your book, thank you for having given us the opportunity to glimpse at such amazing places. "
Kim and Colin Mitchell

" I enjoyed your book so much and have bought it for a few friends and relatives. "
Rick van Putten

" I enjoyed reading your book – congratulations on your achievements and for allowing us to share the magic! "
Kevin Jacobs

" Just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it! Well done on an absolutely super book. "
Belinda van der Riet, Cathedral Peak Hotel

" I climbed Kilimanjaro last September, aged 19, and had the most amazing time of my life. Since then i have read all the autobiographies of hiking and climbing that our library has. I treated myself recently to your book and i am really impressed with what you have done. You are a great inspiration especially when your team has admitted defeat but you carried on to reach the summit. Thank you for a wonderful book and some true lessons on perseverance. "
Bronwyn Thompson


The DVD Series

As the filmmaker on the expeditions Sean has produced a film for each of the 'Seven Summits' plus an introduction...eight one-hour documentaries of the Seven Summits titled FREEZE FRAME. It’s the first and only series of its kind.

Eight titles all in one complete volume of four DVD's:

'Everest Rookie' - Mt Everest Northern side (8848m) The first South African expedition to the Northern side of Mt Everest in 1996. The lowest budget expedition in history without supplementary bottled oxygen or Sherpas.

'Mountain of the Midnight Sun' - Mt Vinson in Antarctica (4892m) Sean and half of the team reach the summit of the highest mountain in Antarctica after the leader Alex Harris is turned around very close to the summit.

'The Stone Sentinel' - Mt Aconcagua (6962m) Thirteen climbers attempt Mt Aconcagua, the highest in South America. Eleven are turned back. Sean and Sue Wadley stay on and reach the summit a few days later.

'Alaskan Exposure' - Mt McKinley (6194m) Alaska is home to the highest mountain in North America. Watch the team prepare for Everest in the most magnificent scenery of the Cascade mountain range.

'Discovery Everest' - Mt Everest Southern side (8848m) Sponsored by Discovery health a team of six climbers and five back up members attempt Everest from the Southern side. After 2 months on the mountain they are defeated and turn back. Sean takes advantage of a late weather window and reaches the top.

'Nasdrovya' - Mt Elbrus (5694m) Mt Elbrus is the highest mountain In Europe. More than just the climb Russia is an amazing destination.

'High stakes, guns and gold' - Carstensz Pyramid (4884m) Carstensz Pyramid is a virtually impenetrable limestone pinnacle that protrudes 900 vertical metres out of the Papau jungle. Sean and three others escape the Indonesian bureaucracy, the freedom fighter's, terrorism and the officialdom of the largest gold mine. All that before taking on the highest mountain in Australasia.

'African Empress' - Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m) Sean, his friends, family and a contingent of eleven journalists take on Mt Kilimanjaro to complete the quest to become the First South African to complete the Seven Summits.