Guided Expeditions

Since completing the 'Seven Summits' many individuals, groups and corporate teams have requested Sean guide them to various mountains around the world.

Sean specialises in expeditions that allow you to feel secure while facing the challenges of ascending to high altitude. Sean accompanies every group. He works with carefully selected local guides and accommodates everyone in the finest hotels at the beginning and end of the climb.

Altitude has varying effects on every individual. On the mountain, Sean monitors everyone’s pulse rate and oxygen saturation percent each night.

During the climb Sean also keeps an eye on the quality of food and water provided, and how much you are eating and drinking. Plentiful hydration and food intake aids efficient acclimatisation and an enjoyable summit. Sean does not encourage the use of diaphoretics as an aid to acclimatising. Instead he takes personal care of everyone's wellness with good meals.

Most importantly, Sean's expeditions are great fun shared with dynamic, like-minded people.

For booking information on the expeditions - medical form, gear lists, training advice etc please contact Katherine (

Some Reviews

"All in all this was one of the best weeks of my life! The change of terrain was something that really blew me away, as well as the organisation at the various camps and the quality of food at such high altitude, cooked with such scarce resources. It was an amazing time and would recommend it to anyone, just remember to train hard, brush up on your card skills and drink lots of water! "
Adam Shapiro

" Jambo …..and thank you all for the part that you all played in ensuring an amazing experience over the last week - these are memories which will remain with me for a long, long time. "
Derek Couzens

" Firstly I would like to thank everyone who was with me on my journey! It was the most unbelievable experience, and I know that each and everyone of you played a big part in me getting to the "Roof of Africa".
I felt amazing vibes on my summit night, and had surges of energy and strength to get me to the top! "
Gail Cuttler

" Well done and thanks to Sean for always remembering things like syrup and marmite... and chocolate at the top of a mountain!! "
Marise Stumpf

"I bought a painting in Khumjung, and I have framed a poster of the Himalayas, I also made a really good friend on the trip that I am in almost daily contact with - so lots to jog the memories of my trip to Nepal, it was soo great, in fact I am planning to go back next year in September with my daughter. "
Lene Charalambous

" Thanks for embracing me on the mountain with your warm personalities and caring attitudes, it was very very special to me. Also for being part of a journey that I truly loved and which was a meaningful excursion. I took time out to write the article and it was hard to put these memories, moments and beauty into words. "
Elana Meyer

" Thanks again 4 the trip. What memories!! I really appreciate it. "
Robin Seabrook


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Mount Everest Base Camp
21 April to 11 May every year...
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Mount Kenya
7th to 13th December every year...
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Mount Aconcagua
28th December to 18 January every year...
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