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" To mirror the ideals and vibe of our company, we wanted a winner with a zest for life who was inspirational, passionate, inspiring, humourous, energetic, motivational (but not in the normal rah rah manner), down to earth and able to communicate with all cultures and social strata. When I read 'Freeze Frame' I knew he was the man ! Memorable and highly recommended. "
Dan Chiorboli (Sales and Marketing Director, Waltons KZN)

" Your presentation was undoubtedly the highlight of the proceedings and I have no doubt that it was your name on the invitation that attracted a record attendance to this year’s event! Your achievement can only be marvelled at and your unassuming manner only magnifies this incredible accomplishment. "
Herman Schoeman, MANAGING DIRECTOR, Guardrisk Insurance

" He was a great speaker and very motivational with out being showy and over the top as some motivational speakers are "
Sarah Hallas, o/b/o MSD

" I invited Sean to deliver the key note talk at our International User Conference gala dinner held in Johannesburg. We had just on 100 guests, partners and employees and I must have had at least 30 people coming to me afterwards having all felt humbled, excited and motivated by the content. He delivery style makes you feel involved and the visuals are quite extraordinary. "
Dave Wibberley Managing Director - Adroit Technologies

" After one of our senior managers heard Sean speak at a function last year and was inspired enough to summit Kilimanjaro earlier this year, we requested him to address a conference for board members from some 50 timeshare resorts around the country. The response to his talk was overwhelmingly positive, resulting in a repeat performance for about 60 delegates a week later. We all “lived the experience” with Sean, struggling through the wind and weather, feeling the cold, and the gut-wrenching disappointment at the possibility of having to give up after two attempts to reach the summit of Everest. Many of our guests later said they felt Sean had “spoken” to them in different ways, each individual having been touched in one way or another by his courage, determination and sheer willpower. Thank you again, Sean, for inspiring us to go beyond our personal limits."
Johann Jordaan, Director Operations, First Resorts (Pty) Ltd

"Awe inspiring presentation – Sean is a great presenter who comes across as very extraordinary normal guy – He understates his awesome achievements and shows what sheer guts, desire, determination, perseverance and patience can achieve. "
Gregory Whitehead, Market and Business Analyst, Mondi

" Excellent & very well accepted! Sean’s energy & enthusiasm was highly inspirational and made a real difference to our Management & Professional teams. "
Gerhard Stapelberg – Eskom, Lethabo Power Station

" Your talk to the Teba Bank delegates hit the proverbial “nail on the head” providing a vivid route map as to what it takes to achieve a demanding vision. They are embarking on an ambitious journey to rise to the very top of their own business environment and will encounter many obstacles along the way. When the going gets tough, as it certainly will, I know that they will draw inspiration from recalling your story and your example of how sheer determination and a positive mindset can overcome any challenge. You connected with your audience in a very special way and the standing ovation at the end was richly deserved for a job well done. "
Geoff Griffin, Temba Bank Conference

" The audience response was very positive. My perception was that they found the presentation interesting and inspirational. From the questions and interactive session afterwards, it appeared that most people followed the presentation closely. His delivery style with visuals worked well and kept the interest throughout the presentation "
Ian Tennant CEO, MultiChoice Africa Ltd, sub- Saharan Africa

" We were at the presentation that Walton hosted on Thursday night and were totally blown away by your speech/presentation. My husband and I purchased your DVD’s and are watching them every free moment that we get!!! The reason why I am mailing you is to tell you that you have inspired us so much and your “can do” attitude is rubbing off on us. My husband and I are not the most active people in the world, we smoke and enjoy a glass of wine (or two) but we have made a pact to each other to start being more active and get off our butts "
Freda and Barry Neethling

" The feedback from your presentation was only positive! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and we drew reference to it throughout the conference. I believe the presentation was so inspiring it will have a lasting impact! "
Bridget Ward, Toledo Consulting

" Sean Wisedale's professional visual presentation and inspirational talk to the DGHS grade 10 and 11 learners and staff was a wonderful and meaningful experience for everyone. The detailed visuals were truly awesome. The girls and staff found the personal challenges faced and conquered by Sean and his team most motivating. They particularly enjoyed his great sense of humour and were touched by the romantic proposal on the mountaintop! We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and are most grateful to have been fortunate enough to share in Sean's magnificent achievements "
The Staff and Girls of DGHS

" Sean Wisedale videographer,photographer,lifesaver and, more recently, celebrated mountain climber enthralled the boys of Hilton College on Wednesday the 1st February at the college campus. His 'show' which featured real live footage of his incredibly brave ascent of Everest almost 50 years to the day after the first-ever ascent by Hilary and Tensing along the same route. He soldiered on when the rest of the team had descended or 'choppered' back to base camp. His highly energised talk and presentation inspired the pupils and encouraged them to follow their dreams. He is among a celebrated few who have scaled the highest peaks on all seven continents and his talk is candid, refreshing and absorbing and bears testimony to a son of whom South Africa can be rightfully proud. Superbly fit and highly motivated, Sean has another essential gift which is his indomitable and resilient spirit. His first foray into writng 'Freeze Frame' is a very worthy read with beautiful visual footage and this too proved very popular among the pupils. This was a thoroughly absorbing hour and I would recommend him highly. "
Ant Durnford

" 10/10. Fantastic. I would recommend Sean anytime "
Eddie Bisset, CEO, Herbex

" Sean is a very interesting and engaging speaker. He is passionate and this is quite apparent in his talk and it certainly draws people to him "
Whalley & Associates o/b/o the Engineers on the Nelson Mandela Bridge

" Very good! The audience was amazed and found his presentation very enjoyable. "
Jean Lawrence – Chemical Services Ltd

" Your talk on the ascent of Everest last night aroused a great amount of interest amongst the Rotary members and friends, and many comments I picked up indicated it was the best we have had for a long time. Well done and thank you most sincerely for making time available to give us your talk and showing us your magnificent videoclips of the expedition. A memorable experience! "
Tony Tucker

" Excellent! They haven’t stopped talking about it – the audience was entranced. Such a lovely, charming guy. "
Paddy Hatfield, The Country Club, Johannesburg

" Our company GBE hosts an annual “pursuing excellence” conference that covers topics of excellence - Sean’s awesome “real life” presentation on his incredible and “excellent” mountain climbing journey and achievements in his pursuit of Mount Everest were shared with passion and professionalism. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the delegates who attended the conference – his perseverance, guts and persistency on his mountain climbing journey is an encouragement and motivation to all people who are struggling with various mountains in their lives. "
Junior Burger – GBE Director

" Sean’s entrance in his special suit immediately captured everybody’s attention, and he captured the imagination of all those present. His story of the trials and tribulations faced by the climbing team, and his photographic illustrations made his presentation come alive for every member of the audience. "
Staff and students of Southern Cross School.

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